Products and Services

Clinical Data Management software suite allows our clients to navigate ever changing data collection, analysis, research and evaluation requirements. CDM software vehicles plot a course through shifting environments, and comfortably guide users in meeting their needs in a variety of settings Collect, sort, analyze, interpret, report and share clinical data with methods precisely designed for your specific organization!

We also offer a variety of professional services to meet your needs. Our staff will tailor the services to match your facility requirements and budget.


TraumaBase V9
CDM has been in the business of providing comprehensive Trauma Registry software systems to hospitals, state and/or regions for 30 years. Our systems verify hospital data for accuracy, meet state or regional data collection requirements, products state and/or regional electronic export files, performance improvement track and matin the gold standard with customization features and technical support features. Click here to find out more, or request a demo.

Used to track stroke and neurological patients within your facility. The database gives users the capability to participate in Joint Commission guidelines required for Primary Level Stroke Centers as well as downloads to GWTG© (Get with the Guidelines). Click here to find out more information, or request a demo.

 This database is used for all your various performance improvement meetings.  Enter, maintain and report meeting minutes, agendas, attendance, providers, patient case summaries all in one system.  Information can be easily retrieved to produce documentation and correlate patient and provider information. All crucial aspects of the performance improvement process are now easily reportable. Click here to find out more information, or request a demo.

This is an evaluation tool used to help determine rates of data abstraction accuracy. Click here to find out more information, or request a demo.

Automated Import Module (AIM)
Makes importing from your EMR system more convenient. Users will no longer need to manually initiate the  import process   themselves, it will happen automatically on days/times/intervals of their choosing. Click here to find out more information, or request a demo. 

eTraumaBase© Web-Based systems provide secure state-of-the-art web technology for collection of research repositories. Regional    managers can have easy access to participant data while maintaining strict security and data separation among contributors viewing privileges. Click here to find out more information, or request a demo.


Consultation Visits
A CDM Consultation Visit is designed around the specific needs of one  hospital.  The eight hour consultation  agenda is pre-arranged based on the facility’s specifications. Click here to find out more.

Custom Imports and Exports
 CDM Custom Imports and Exports affect increased efficiency in data entry  and data collaboration. Click here to find out more information.

Clinical Data Management data collection products and support services excel  in the area of research and focused studies. Click here to find out more information.

Site Review Support
During your site reviews, CDM will assign an experienced staff member to be on-call to assist your staff. This staff member will be available after hours to answer questions and guide you if needed.. Click here to find out more information.

Custom Services
CDM Custom Services offers the expertise and experience that can be utilized to customize  your database to fit your program’s specific objectives. Click here to find out more information.