TraumaBase V9©

v9 TraumaBase V9©

  • NTDS/TQIP Compatible
  • AIS-05/08 Automated Coding
  • Report Wizard – Easy Access
  • TraumaBase to Word©
  • On-call ACS Reviews
  • Built-in PIPS Tracking

Clinical Data Management has been working hard to bring you the latest innovations in trauma registry software. CDM is very excited to announce the next level for our TraumaBase© system, Version 9. For the past several years, our developers have created a whole new approach to our already dynamic reporting systems, utilizing step-by-step wizards. You will love our enhanced dashboard and easy to use charts that seamlessly merge into Microsoft Word©  and Excel©.



Here are some fantastic TraumaBase© V9 Features!

Report WizardV9 DashboardAIS/ICD10 FinderInterfaces with WordPerformance Improvement

The Report Wizard was designed with you in mind. Our goal was to simplify the reporting process for new and advanced users, improve access speed and allow for easier word recognition when searching the system; especially within the dictionary. This visually-driven tool will unleash the reporting power of your system!

The Report Wizard launch-pad leads to  ‘Run an Existing Report’ or ‘Make a New Report’.


tb4 ONE STOP REPORTING: The Report Wizard steps you through a very short, concise and easy path to reports. The Wizard allows you to see all reports in your system by report description, by report categories, by ‘Your Reports’ and  easily selects  time-periods or a sub-set of records for the report. 

The Wizard also helps you  ‘Make a New Report’  quickly. Helping you select your fields from your data entry (no need to learn/recall field names), your own field list, fields with data in your system fields), or the entire dictionary! Easy patient Select Processes are also built within the wizard, i.e. ‘all males who died with ISS > 30’.

Version 9 will contain many Launch Wizards: Coding, Import/Export, System Upkeep, Check-Codes, Install. 

Perhaps one of the most noteworthy Wizards in Version 9 is the V9 Dashboard Wizard . V9 Dashboard is a grouping of reports containing outcome measures and graphs which seamlessly export to Excel©  pre-formatted, as sampled below. The V9 Dashboard contains threshold identification, monthly/quarterly/yearly data views, outcome-measures and graphs. The V9 Dashboard can be re-ordered according to your needs, graph types and title can be changed, and individual dashboard tables can be turned on and off as your needs change!

tb5 From the V9 Dashboard Wizard you will also be able to label threshold groupings, i.e. ACS, JCAHO, internal PIPS/CQI.

ADD-ON WORKBOOK/CUSTOMIZATION: CDM offers a yearly and/or one-time customization to the pre-set dashboard if you are interested in changing the standard dashboard. 

GOLD ADD-ON V9 DASHBOARD MODULE: The advanced Dashboard Engine gives users complete access to the Dashboard Engine.  With this module you will be able to make your own facility-based dashboards; utilizing all the features built into the engine from the Crosstabulation report engine within your Clinical Data Management systems. There are no limitations to the number of Dashboards you can create with GOLD Level service! 



Included with TraumaBase©V9-Finder©  allows quick and intuitive AIS/ICD9 lookups, while maintaining your coding expertise. Type in your text descriptions, use the synonym dictionary and/or drilldown to all your ICD10 and AIS codes quickly from one intuitive window. Codes can be easily edited, sorted and deleted.