Automated Import Module (AIM)

Our Automated Import Module (AIM)© makes importing from your EMR system more convenient. Users will no longer need to manually initiate the  import process   themselves, it will happen automatically on days/times/intervals of their choosing.

With this module it is now possible to have data imported into your CDM System from a flat data file automatically. This means that with this module you will not need to manually initiate imports in your CDM  system!




Key Benefits:

  • Can be customized to initiate the import on any  day/time intervals of your choosing. (Example; everyday at 6am, or every Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 12:00 am)
  • Multiple scheduled tasks can be made to run multiple imports.
  • Includes functionality to automatically archive imported flat data files.
  • Automated logging functionality.
  • AIM Setup Wizard