Data Validation at your fingertips      

ValidationBase is designed to let you compare entered and re-abstracted data. From within your TraumaBase system you will be able to produce quick detail reports on the compared patients as well as quick summary statistics. In addition to all the reporting engines already within your registry VBase contain many pre-set reports designed to easily obtain comparison statistics and raw data analysis. 



VBase is an evaluation tool used to help determine rates of data abstraction accuracy

  • Use pre-set VBase Validation Studies
  • Make your own VBase Validation Studies
  • Enter your validation dataset quickly on re-abstracted patients from with TraumaBase
  • Import spreadsheet data for re-abstracted patients
  • Import/Copy or just compare PATIENTS data from your TraumaBase trauma registry
  • Run Detail comparison reports on patients from TraumaBase and Re-abstraction cases 
  • Run Field-Based Statistics on one or all VBase Validation Studies
  • Run Study-Based Statistics on one or all VBase Validation Studies