Training Conference 2020

Since the acquisition by ESO, we know many of you have questions regarding the Clinical Data Management Annual Training Conference scheduled for September of this year in Colorado. After much internal deliberation and discussion, we’ve decided to incorporate the content and expertise of the CDM Annual Training Conference into our ESO Training Academy that takes place at our Wave conference in the spring of 2021 in Austin, Texas.


Rest assured that we realize how important training and education are for you and your teams. Many of the courses taught at the conference are already being offered throughout the year with the pre-scheduled WebEx offerings. We understand these courses do not cover all the content from the event; however, we prioritized the most well-attended sessions. If you feel there is a session you really need but do not see, please let us know and we can take a look at adding it to our training schedule.


What does this mean for you?

For the immediate future, it means the Clinical Data Management Annual Training Conference will not take place this September in Colorado. There is no need to purchase airfare, purchase a registration, or purchase a hotel room.


For the longer term, it means we are fully committed to your education and training. We recommend that you plan to attend ESO Training Academy in the spring of 2021. We will also be working towards adding courses and content to our ESO Training Academy curriculum that will incorporate everything you are used to – and more.


We will also be looking to incorporate registry content into ESO’s Regional User Groups (RUGs) that take place throughout the year. We will keep you posted on RUG dates, locations, and content as they become available.


We certainly appreciate your patience and understanding during the transition. We are all on board to ensure your success. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments.