About Us

The Clinical Data Management Difference…


What makes CDM exceptional? CDM’s longevity,  stability and strength is based on client relationships.  As clinicians and software developers for  over a quarter century, CDM has had a longstanding commitment to improving the  quality of patient care by providing state-of-the-art, user-friendly products  that are designed to make their jobs easier.   We put our clients’ objectives first, so in turn, our clients can put  their patients first.  Each CDM client is  essential to our overall success.


As experienced clinicians and technology professionals, we strive to  stay ahead of the curve in technological expertise, clinical knowledge and  patient care.


Clinical Experience


CDM provides the clinical experience and maturity needed to collaborate  with all hospitals, regardless of their trauma status, as well as regional and  state trauma systems.


Technical Excellence


Flawlessly navigate through the process of trauma data collection,  evaluation, transmission and review with Clinical Data Management research and  registry products. CDM is the qualified choice with a proven track record of  providing registry, Performance Improvement and Patient Safety evaluation and  research tools for focused studies.


Corporate Integrity


As both clinicians and software developers, CDM has a long-standing  commitment to improving patient care by developing efficient systems that provide  the right information, to the right people, at the right time. CDM is committed  to assisting its client’s information needs at all levels of complexity.


Service Supremacy


Today, exceptional service is a rare commodity. CDM shares the same  concerns and commitment as hospitals and patient care individuals. CDM support  activities are focused upon meeting and exceeding our client’s needs with the  greatest possible dedication.


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